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Step into your power and embrace the transformative journey of self-discovery & self-love with Beauty From The Inside Out. We’ll unlock your true potential and create a life you adore. Let's join forces and soar to new heights!

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For strong women facing these self-love locks…


Negative beliefs about yourself


Uncertainty about yourself


Seeking validation externally


Negative Self Image


Prioritizing others over yourself

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Self-Love Coaching

The best relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself. It’s time to break free from negative habits that no longer serve you. Self-love is a powerful practice that empowers you to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Create a self loving journey filled with joy and happiness today.

Weight Loss

Imagine transforming your body in as little as 30 days! I can show you how to safely lose up to 20 pounds your first month.  Guaranteed Results using a proven fat burning weight loss system, customized premium natural supplements, and online support group.

Make Up

With 20 years experience working with all ages and ethnicities providing lessons and services at my home or on location. I specialize in accentuating your best features, bringing out your natural beauty and helping you to act to achieve flawless skin, and make up that will last.

I am Misty Laboy. Makeup Artist, Weight Loss Advisor and Self-Love Mentor.

I’m passionate about empowering women to TRANSFORM themselves to look & feel their absolute best, both inside and out! Supporting them to truly love themselves and find their deepest heart connection again.

My journey started as I rose through the ranks in the beauty industry, where I fell in love with supporting women on their own journey. 

Although I enjoyed success earning diamonds, trips, and even pink Cadillacs, I still felt like something was missing…

I struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember, and with the idea that my worth was directly connected to my physical appearance.

Even after shedding 60 pounds, I had this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was never going to be truly happy. Can you relate?

I finally turned inward, and began putting myself first, pouring into my own recovery, healing my addiction to pain with self-love. I realized what matters most was found on the inside.

Now, I’m dedicated to helping other women do the same, guiding them back to their heart and happiness, fully accepting and loving themselves unconditionally.

So if you’re ready beautiful, I’m here…

Years of


Hear what my clients have to say about me
“Misty is right where she belongs, guiding and empowering women with her honesty, encouragement and personal experience! I highly recommend her program if you truly want to transform yourself and your life for the better. I am grateful I did, no looking back, only forward with love!”
Andrea Mead
“Misty's coaching program is a wonderful journey of self discovery, self acceptance, and self love. I use the skills that I learned every single day. Her coaching has been a complete gift to me, I can not recommend the program enough.”
Cheryl Frantz
“Misty Laboy is a great example of dedication to wellness and effective change. I would recommend this program, as it has brought me insight into the things I carry with me that need to be let go of in order to move into my best life.”
Roanne DeStefano
“Working with Misty has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and self-love. Through her guidance, I have been able to identify and release negative thought patterns and beliefs that were holding me back. I now have a deeper sense of self-awareness and a newfound appreciation for who I am."
Kristen Smith

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